Lord Stirling's Fifes & Drums


Uniform and History


4th Maryland Ind. Co. The clothing warrant for the 4th Maryland Independent Company called for purple dyed linen hunting shirts, buckskin breeches, and cocked tricorns.


After 1776, another source mentions musicions outfitted in red coats.  Buttons were discarded in favor of hooks.  The look was probably not very flattering to the military style. 4th Maryland Ind. Co.


4th Maryland Ind. Co. This sculpted rendition shows the 4th Maryland in trousers instead of breeches.


paper soldiers
Make your own company of the 4th Maryland with these paper soldier cut-outs.


Lord Stirling's Brigade counter-attacked at Gowanas Heights during the Battle of Long Island, August 1776.  Stirling lost over 250 men, most of them Marylanders.  Stirling's courage allowed much of the rest of Washington's army to escape to Brooklyn. 4th Maryland Ind. Co.